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RV Campground Park - Parkland County

Our Parkland County RV Campground Park provides monthly, all season serviced, long-term, short-term and seasonal RV campsites. For more information, please call: (780) 945-3487 OR (780) 446-9335

Here are a few of our frequently asked questions, to view the answer, click on the questions below:

Our RV campsites are 30′ x 60′. This is a perfect size for most RVs, Travel Trailers and Tiny Homes. 2 Parking stalls are also included with each campsite.

Services included in your monthly campsite rental are sewer and water.  Power is also supplied to each lot by a separate meter which is charged at the 1st of every month. (Approximate winter cost $120/month)

You are allowed to park a maximum of 2 vehicles per campsite. RHK management reserves the right to make special provisions for additional parking. Approval is required.

An entrance deposit of $600.00 is required upon initial rental of your RV campsite. This restoration deposit will be refunded when all personal property and belongings are removed and all outstanding monthly campsite payments are paid up to date when vacating the campsite property.

Your monthly campsite payment is due the first of the month. We accept cheques, cash or E-transfers.

Yes, each campsite is supplied with a picnic table and a firepit.

  • RHK Wood Pile firewood supplied to campers for a small additional fee. This firewood is very reasonably priced and available to all campsites.

Yes, our RV Park is Family Friendly. We ask that children, under the age of 18, are supervised all all times. Minors have a curfew of 10:00pm.

The speed limit of our RV park is 10 km/hour. All children must wear approved helmets if riding any type of bike, skateboard or scooter.

Yes, our campsite is pet friendly. All pets are to be validated by the RHK RV Park Management.

Please keep your pet leashed at all times and be sure to clean up after your pet.

Your pet must not be a nuisance to other tenants of the RV campground. No aggressive pets are allowed at any time. Excessive barking of your pet may constitute eviction from your campsite.

The RV campground is fenced and gated with security cameras. RHK Campground staff maintain an orderly, secure, respectful environment for site campers by enforcing the RHK Community Bylaws & Rules.

RHK Campground staff will patrol the RV campsite park on a regular basis. Please treat the campground and your campsite as you would your own home and report and problems directly to our staff.

Yes, our designated quiet time is from 11:00pm – 8:00am – 7 days a week.

Sundays are designated as a Quiet Day – no operating of equipment or power tools with the exception of generators.

Common courtesy is expected at all times which includes unreasonable noise at any time. Fireworks and firearms are prohibited.

Yes, however, your site must be kept safe, clean and uncluttered at all times. Clothes lines and tarps are not permitted.

Graveled areas must be kept grass and weed free. Lawn area must be kept trimmed. Wood, lawn ornaments etc. should be stacked on the graveled areas. If your site maintenance is neglected there will be an additional charge of $50.00 plus gst, each time your site requires maintenance.

Cutting down trees or shrubs in the RV park is also not permitted.

Picnic tables are provided along with one designated firepit.

It is preferred that you purchase firewood from our wood reserves inside the Campground. Maximun 1/2 cord of wood can be stored neatly at your site. Wood must be stored under your RV to not damage the lawn area.

All fires must be attended and are allowed in your designated fire pit.

Yes, all household garbage must be bagged and deposited into the RV Park’s dumpster. Garbage items such as lawn chairs, lumber etc. should not be left at the dumpster with our approval.

There are 2 garbage bins in the park which are emptied twice a month.

All RV, Travel Trailer or Tiny Home units must be approved before your campsite application is processed. Campers are also responsible for keeping their RV unit’s body in good condition.

Yes, however ALL persons admitted to the RV Park, regardless of age or time spent at the park, must be personally registered and approved by RHK Management.

Overnight guests are allowed, however, RHK Management must be notified and your guest will require approval.

No, quads and motor bikes are not allowed inside the RV Campground area.

No, tents and gazebos are not allowed on campsites in the Park.

Yes, with management approval, a storage shed can be added to your lot.

RHK Holdings Ltd will take care of snow removal for the entire RV Campground Park.

No, we provide monthly rentals on our campsites rentals only.  We do not accept nightly or weekly reservations.

There is no minimum or maximum monthly time that the campsite can be rented. A $600 restoration deposit is required in addition to a monthly fee of $600 for all campsites. The restoration deposit will be returned to the camper when they have removed their RV unit and personal belongings from the campsite they have rented.

Yes, ALL campers will be required to pay a restoration damage deposit when renting a monthly campsite in the RV Campground.

This deposit will be returned to the camper once they have vacated the campsite and removed all belongings with no damage to the campsite.

RV Setup Specifications


All Season Campers are responsible for plugging in electrical heat tracing and must follow the minimum specification table below:

  • Frozen pipes can be very costly and will the the lot renter’s liability.
  • RHK staff will conduct pre-season inspections of these services. Failing to complete hook ups as directed may results in campsite termination.
Our RV campsites include picnic tables and a firepit
Our 30' x 60' campsites include a picnic table & firepit.
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